Sunday, March 11, 2012

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had to read this for my American Lit class. Of the five books assigned, this was my favorite. It's ability to take real situations in the world of suburbanite parenthood and make them funny allowed me to read this book cover to cover and enjoy every second of it.

Little Children could describe the children or adults on the playground as the adults are the people giving in to their childlike desires to do as they please. this can be said for several characters in the novel. Todd, Sarah, Ronnie and Larry all can't seem to control their most basic instincts and they each act on them. Mary Ann's extreme need to control every situation could also be described as childlike bossiness.

I thought Sarah and Todd's affair would bother me. It did on a small level. I felt for Kathy as she honestly loves her husband and is only playing the part of the breadwinner because she has to. Todd is clearly unfulfilled and could find that fulfillment someplace other than Sarah's body yet he chooses not to. Sarah is the most sympathetic character. She doesn't fit in to her own life, let alone the lives of those she meets on the playground and she turns out to be less to Todd in the end.

I did like how it ended despite the sad turnout for Sarah.

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