Sunday, March 11, 2012

Need to update those goals again.

I can't believe winter term is coming to an end. It's amazing to me that it's only been two and half short months and much has changed in that time. I've decided to pull myself together and take some steps as the word has not come to an end. My running is just on hiatus for a while.

1) Read to the girls after dinner
2)Prayer time with Sadie
3) Movie with husband

1)30 minutes knitting
2) 30 minutes reading non-school material
3) strength training
4) track food

Home management:
1) Plan menus
2) fold and put away laundry
3) general pickup today

1) check in with accountability partners
2) get a sample handed out today
3) book a party.
4) get party set up and invites out for Andrea's party

All things that need to happen and all realistic.

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